First Mortgage-Principal ResidenceAnnual Percentage Rate
Max 80% Loan to Value
Loan Terms and RatesConsult a Loan Officer Today for a custom mortgage that will work for you.
5/1 ARM - 30 Year Maximum4.50%
7/1 ARM - 30 Year Maximum4.75%
Home Equity Loan-Principal ResidenceAnnual Percentage Rate*
Fixed Term80% Loan to Value
24 months2.99%
36 months3.19%
60 months3.69%
84 months4.29%
120 months4.69%
180 months5.09%
240 months6.29%
Vehicle Loan RatesTypesAPR*AutoPay APR*
On the Spot Financing is AvailableRates as low asRates as low as
Vehicles and DemosNew2.99%2.74%
RVs/Campers/ Travel TrailersNew6.19%5.94%
Personal and Secured LoansAnnual Percentage Rate
Rates as low as
Signature Loan8.49%
Line of Credit11.00%
Share Secured4.25%
Share Certificate (CD) Secured2% over Certificate Rate or Share Secured Rate--whichever is highest
Fixed Rates
24 Months2.99%
36 Months3.19%
60 Months3.69%
84 Months4.29%
120 Months4.69%
Variable Rates
WSJ Prime Rate4.75%
Platinum MasterCard Credit CardAPR*
Rates as low as9.74%
Student LoansMaximum RateMinimum Rate
Variable Interest Loan9.37%2.25%
Fixed Interest Loan11.85%5.74%
Declared DividendsAPYRate
Account Type
Share Draft (Checking)0.10%0.10%
Regular Share CertificatesA.P.Y*Rate
6 Months0.30%0.300%
12 Months0.60%0.599%
18 months0.70%0.698%
24 Months0.75%0.748%
36 Months1.35%1.343%
48 Months1.60%1.590%
60 Months2.10%2.083%
48 Months STEP-UP-CD1.50%1.491%
Jumbo Share CertificatesA.P.Y.*Rate
$50,000 and Over
6 Months0.40%0.399%
12 Months0.70%0.698%
18 Months0.80%0.797%
24 Months0.85%0.847%
36 Months1.45%1.442%
48 Months1.70%1.689%
60 Months2.20%2.181%
48 Months STEP-UP-CD1.60%1.590%
IRA CertificatesA.P.Y*RateMembers Advantage (A.P.Y*)Members Advantage (Rate)
Traditional, Roth, and Coverdell
6 Months0.60%0.599%0.60%0.599%
12 Months0.85%0.847%0.95%0.946%
18 Months1.00%0.996%1.10%1.095%
24 Months1.05%1.046%1.15%1.145%
36 Months1.65%1.639%1.75%1.738%
48 Months1.70%1.689%1.80%1.787%
60 Months2.20%2.181%2.30%2.279%
Jumbo IRA CertificatesA.P.Y*Rate
$50,000 and Over
Traditional, Roth, and Coverdell
6 Months0.70%0.698%
12 Months0.95%0.946%
18 Months1.10%1.095%
24 Months1.15%1.145%
36 Months1.75%1.738%
48 Months1.80%1.787%
60 Months2.30%2.279%
Money Market AccountsA.P.Y*Rate
Dividends Posted Monthly
$100,000 or more0.45%0.449%
Declared DividendsA.P.Y.***Rate
Account Type
Share (Savings)0.25%0.25%
Declared Club Account DividendsA.P.Y***Rate
Account Type
Christmas Club0.10%0.10%
All-Purpose Club0.10%0.10%
Declared Monthly DividendsA.P.Y.*Rate
Health Savings Account (HSA)0.25%0.25%