More Services

More Services Offered by MC Federal Credit Union

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the safest and fastest way to deposit your paycheck, social security or pension check into your credit union account. Your check can be automatically deposited into your checking or savings account. Payroll deduction allows you to designate a portion of your  funds to make loan payments and establish a regular savings plan. See your employer’s payroll department or if your check is from the  government, you will need a Federal Direct Deposit Form.

Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers are a great way to move funds from one financial institution to another. The transfer will usually be available on the same day you initiate the transaction. International wire transfers may take up to one week to be available to the receiver. The cutoff time for a domestic (within the U.S.) wire transfer is 4:00pm. The cutoff time for international wire transfers is 2:00pm. If you wish to send funds to another financial institution, it is recommended that you contact the other institution first to find out what the wiring instructions are. If you wish to receive funds at your MC Federal account, please call for wiring instructions

Cashier's Checks

MC Federal Credit Union has cashier’s checks available for our members. A cashier’s check is a check that is drawn by and on MC Federal Credit Union using available funds from the requesting member’s account. The cashier’s check makes MC Federal the primary obligator. The check is assuring the receiving institution, business, or other persons that the funds are guaranteed because the funds have already been paid. Other names for cashier’s checks include bank checks or teller check. 

Night Deposit

Night Deposits are accepted at our Danville, Bloomsburg, and Lewisburg (St Mary Street) offices. It is a service available for all members to deposit funds before or after regular business hours. It is available 24 hours a day. Night Deposits made before 7:45 AM will be posted that business day. If the deposit is made after 7:45 AM, then it will be posted the next business day. All Night Deposits are secured and checked daily, in the morning,  except on Sundays and observed holidays. All Night Deposits are recorded. Night Deposit service is also available at our Mt. Carmel branch, however it is exclusive to MC Federal business members only.

Coin Counter

No more rolling your coins. You can now bring in your loose change and cash it in with our coin counter. The coin counter will automatically count your change for you! This service is free to all members* and is available in our Danville, Bloomsburg, Lewisburg, and Mt. Carmel offices.

*There is a 5% fee that applies to all ‘non-members’ utilizing the machine.

Foreign Currency Exchange

MC Federal partners with Currency Exchange International to offer our members the ability to buy and sell foreign currency! If you’re traveling outside of the United States, we offer a wide range of currencies that can be purchased for travel or sold back when you arrive back home. Visit your local branch to place your order!