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With the highest account dividends in the area, Members Choice is committed to helping members build wealth and achieve financial goals. Our selection of products and services are suited for members of all ages and financial means. Whether you’re saving for retirement, college, a new car, or Christmas, Members Choice has you covered. And with our extensive suite of Banking on the Go services, you have control over your accounts anytime, anywhere. Your search for a new credit union ends with Members Choice!

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Members Choice offers an array of savings related products to help members to increase the value of their accounts and provide long-term financial security. Our savings accounts and options are suited for young and mature savers alike. Savings products include:Members Choice's checking related products are great for shoppers and travelers. Even our most basic checking account is interest-bearing, so you have both easy access to your money and a dividend. Our checking products can save you time and money. Checking related products include: