Digital Banking & Bill Pay

Digital Banking & Bill Pay

MC Federal offers online and mobile banking with Bill Pay as part of our digital banking package to safely access your accounts whether you are home going over your checkbook or out and about running errands. Anywhere your computer or mobile device has internet connection, you can connect to us. Our digital banking suite has the same look across the board, making it easier to navigate. You can now personalize your dashboard, look at check images, and do internal transfers from either device. To reduce our carbon footprint, online banking offers e-statements which allow members to view their monthly statement faster and reduces paper consumption. Accessing your account is simple, safe, and secure and will allow you to view and manage your account in the following ways:

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Account Access Anytime & Anywhere - 2 Ways!

Online Banking

Visit our website from your internet browser. Use the Log In button at the top of the screen or visit to login and experience all these great benefits for yourself.

Mobile Banking

Our mobile banking app can be downloaded in the App Store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android devices. Once downloaded, mobile banking app users can also access Mobile Deposit to deposit a check simply by taking a clear picture of the front and back.

Digital Banking Features

Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit1 puts ultimate convenience at your fingertips by allowing you to submit check deposits using your smart phone 24/7. Mobile Deposit benefits members by cutting travel time to a branch, and allows for weekend check deposits too. Mobile Deposit is only available in our mobile banking app.

Some members may not qualify to use Mobile Deposits based on creditworthiness and account standing at the credit union.

Share Draft Checking accounts, Share Savings accounts, including Money Market and Club/All Purpose accounts under the membership that the Online Banking log in is associated with are eligible for a Mobile Deposit application to be submitted for.

Any accounts that have been added as a Preference (from another membership) are not eligible for Mobile Deposit. (Ex. A parent is able to see their child’s savings account on their online banking or a personal account can see their business accounts on their online banking will not be able to use Mobile Deposit for those accounts under that log in).

Once you’ve signed into the app, tap the menu button, then Deposit checks. Next, tap Get Started and follow the prompts to sign up for Mobile Deposit. You must select each account that you wish to be able to deposit into. Once your application is processed you will receive a notification. 

Checks need to be signed by all payees and include the restrictive endorsement “For mobile deposit @ MCFCU”

After your mobile deposit application is approved, you can begin making Mobile Deposits. To make a Mobile Deposit, tap the deposit button . Next, type in the amount, select the account you would like to deposit your check into, and take a clear picture using your smartphone camera of the front and back of the correctly endorsed check. Confirm that all of the information is correct, then tap submit. 

Become a Mobile Deposit Master with these tips and reminders:

Become a Mobile Deposit Master with these tips and reminders:

Make sure the check is filled out properly. This includes checking for a valid date, maker signature, and matching dollar amounts.

Make sure all payees sign the back of the check and you write “For mobile deposit at MCFCU”.

For best results take the picture of the front and back of the check in a well lit area. Try to position your phone or tablet directly above the check.

The maximum available deposit amount for Mobile Deposits varies by member and is determined by Credit Union relationship, creditworthiness, and other relationship factors. At any given time, you are able to deposit this amount minus any pending Mobile Deposits.

Once approved for Mobile Deposits, the default limits are:

Per Item Limit: $1,000

Daily Limit: $1,000

Daily Credit Limit: $225

The $225 is a once daily immediate credit (typically within the following hour after the deposit). If a single check under $225 is deposited, the whole amount will be available in the following hour. Any amount deposited over the $225 through Mobile Deposit on any given day will be automatically held for 2 business days, regardless of the type of check.

No, it is our policy that we do not accept third party checks.

No. The check may pass through the picture phase but once it is reviewed by our Mobile Deposit team it will be removed and you will be contacted.

You should always retain the checks that you mobile deposit for at least 10 business days. This is to ensure that our reviewers do not have any issues with it. This also allows sufficient time to pass through the Federal Reserve.

Once a check has been successfully submitted through the picture phase, it will show as “approved”, however, the Remote Deposit team manually reviews each check for approval. Thirdparty, stale-dated, and post-dated checks (along with several other reasons) will be rejected and removed from the account. A team member will then reach out to inform you of the reject and the reason why. Checks are typically reviewed on the next business day after deposit (at the latest).

1Member must use our Mobile Banking Application to access Mobile Deposit. Usage is subject to approval. Not all members may qualify.

Bill Pay

Pay all your bills, all in one place. It’s easy, secure and free.2 With Bill Pay, you can pay your electric bill, your credit card and your babysitter, all from your personal bank website. No more writing checks, no stamps, no envelopes, no waiting.

Benefits of Using Bill Pay:

2To use Bill Pay you must first sign up for MC Federal Digital Banking.

Member Transfers

Transferring money from one MC Federal member to another has never been easier! With our Member Transfer feature, eligible members can quickly and securely send funds from their account to another MC Federal member’s account using digital banking on their desktop or with our mobile app. To make sending funds even easier, transfer information can now be saved for future use, and you can establish recurring member-to-member transfers. 

Follow these steps to complete a Member Transfer: 

STEP 1: Log in to your Digital Banking account on a desktop or by using the mobile app.

STEP 2: Click the ‘Member Transfer’ tile on your dashboard.

STEP 3: Click “+ New Member Transfer”

STEP 4: Enter the information of the member you are transferring to. If you wish to save this information for future use, check the box and create a Nickname. Once you complete the following information, click “Next”.

          • The first 3 Letters of the receiving member’s last name or business name
          • The receiving member’s member number
          • Choose whether you are transferring to a Share or Loan
          • The 4-digit share or loan ID without the S or L

STEP 5: Select which account you would like to transfer from.

STEP 6: Enter the amount you would like to transfer.

STEP 7: Select the Frequency and Date for when you would like the transfer sent. For immediate, one-time transfers, you may choose to include a Memo. Click “Next”.

STEP 8: Confirm that all the information is correct, then press “Submit”. 


eStatements3 provide a paper free, environmentally friendly way to receive your monthly statements.  They are the same as your paper statement- only online! Reduce your carbon footprint and go green with a secure online environment, where you can keep up to 12 months of statements in one convenient location. By choosing eStatements, users get their statements much faster than the paper version, and are notified when they are available for viewing.

To enroll in eStatements:

  1. Log into your Digital Banking account in a web browser or with our Digital Banking app
  2. Click on one of your accounts, then click ‘eStatements’
  3. Next you will see a Welcome Message. Click the ‘Register’ button to enroll in eStatements
  4. Your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address should prefill, ensure that this information is correct. Be sure to complete any missing information and click ‘Next’
  5. You will then be given the opportunity to read through the Electronic Consent Agreement. Once you have read through all of this information click the radio button stating you agree to the terms and conditions and click ‘Finish’
  6. A thank you message should appear. Congratulations, you have just enrolled in eStatements!

To view your eStatements:

  1. Log into your Digital Banking account in a web browser or with our Digital Banking app
  2. Click on one of your accounts, then click ‘eStatements’
  3. You will be taken to the eStatment portal where you can view 12 months of statements, tax documents like 1098s & 1099s, and account notices

3To use eStatements you must first sign up for MC Federal Digital Banking.

Our Commitment to You:

Our digital banking services incorporates a multi-layered security system, and basic security features like account picture recognition, security questions, and restricting login on multiple devices at once.

To sign-up for online banking, you just visit our website and choose enroll. When your account is created everything is laid out clearly and up to date so there is no hassle. Personalize your dashboard to your own preferences.

The provisions of online banking are expansive. Transfer funds to different accounts, view account histories and balances, and organize your financial information. Even view photos of checks you wrote out.

No more wasting your time driving to an MC Federal branch location or waiting in line. Logging into your account just requires a banking ID and a password. If you save your information, you may not even need your password, with thumbprint and/or facial recognition. The process will have your account information displayed in seconds.

All you need is an Internet connection. Whether you’re out shopping, away on business, residing in a different state, or just away for a weekend get-a-way, control your money anytime, anywhere.

Control all of your accounts from home. No more rushing to the Credit Union to transfer funds, instead do it when the time is best for you. Bring the power of the Credit Union to your home.