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You will love the all the benefits our savings accounts have to offer. You’ll enjoy free online banking, bill payer, e-statements and much more. The savings accounts at M-C Federal Credit Union offer many options to meet your savings goals. Explore the benefits and variety of savings accounts today.

Share Savings Account

The share savings account at M-C is the key to becoming a member. The Share Account represents a member’s ownership in M-C Federal Credit Union. A share account requires a $5.00 minimum deposit upon opening and is required to maintain membership status. It is the first and most convenient way to start saving.


  • Earnings are calculated from date of deposit to date of withdrawal
  • Earnings are posted to your account quarterly.
  • Free online account access, bill payer, and e-statements 24/7 with Online Banking and Mobile Banking
  • No monthly fees to maintain your account
  • Audio-Banking
  • Surcharge free access to thousands of ATM’s at specified locations ATM Locator
  • Insured by the NCUA

 Quarter Dividends Declared A.P.Y.*** Rate
Account Type
Share (Savings)0.25%0.25%

Club Accounts

A club account will allow you to save money for a future event or occasion like a vacation getaway, Christmas, or even your wedding.


  • Open an account year-round
  • Direct Deposit, Payroll Deduction
  • Funds are automatically transferred on a preset date* Ask an MSR
  • No penalty for early withdrawal
  • Insured by the NCUA
*Clubs established through direct deposit/payroll deduction automatically renew each year unless you request a change or stop the deduction.

2nd Quarter Dividends Declared A.P.Y.*** Rate
Account Type
Christmas Club0.10%0.10%
All-Purpose Club0.10%0.10%

Heath Savings Account

One of the major themes with HSAs is individual control. You are the primary decision-maker. You decide when to use the HSA funds to pay medical expenses. Your employer has no control over the HSA funds. Even when you change jobs, your HSA goes with you. HSAs are designed specifically for individuals with a high deductible health plan. Members who switch to a high deductible health plan will likely enjoy lower premiums. Unlike contributions to a flexible spending account, the balance of an HSA at the end of the year is carried over to the next year. So HSA owners are not placed in a position of having to “use it or lose it” each year.

Health Savings Account (HSA)A.P.Y.*Rate
Dividends Posted Monthly0.25%0.25%

*APY = Annual Percentage Rate. IRA = Individual Retirement Account. Dividends are computed daily and compounded quarterly. The APY may fluctuate slightly depending on the number of days in each quarter. The APY is based on the assumption that dividends will remain in the account until maturity. Rates are subject to change at any time. 90 day penalty for early withdrawal. **Rates are subject to change weekly. Dividends are posted monthly. No term, easy access. ***Rates on share accounts are not guaranteed, but are based on the earnings of the credit union and declared quarterly. Dividends are calculated on a “day of deposit/day of withdrawal basis. M-C Federal Credit Union membership is required.