Debit MasterCard

Use your Checking (Share draft) Account with a Debit MasterCard® for greater service and convenience. It is accepted worldwide and your purchases will be automatically deducted from your Checking Account. You can use it at ATMs for cash withdrawals, to transfer funds or to check your balances. Your Debit MasterCard® can make retail purchases convenient, fast and easy. Just save receipts and record your spending in your check register. Plus view your transactions and pending purchases online with Online Banking.


  • Access to over 380,000 ATMs World Wide
  • ATM locator on our Mobile App or online
  • Ability to change your PIN by calling 1-877-267-6913
  • Debit Card Preward (Electronic Coupons) for thousands of well-known merchants–offers are exclusive to M-C debit cardholders | Learn More
  • Community design cards
  • Instant issue debit cards are available at the Danville branch so you do not have to wait to get a card in the mail


*must have an M-C FCU checking account to make purchases with the card

Coming soon…

Why are we getting Chip Cards?

The chip has unique information on it which is verified during the payment transaction. This will protect the member against counterfeit cards being made.
There are also security credentials stored in the chip which prevent card skimming and card cloning.
The biggest benefit is going to be less card fraud.

EMV—Europay, MasterCard and Visa (Chip Cards)

  • Same card number and pin number/different expiration date and ccv code
  • ***for any existing automatic payments, expiration date will need to be changed.
  • Once the new card is activated, the existing card will no longer work
  • Chip Card will be either “dipped” or swiped depending on Merchant
  • Ask for Cell and Work numbers