Congratulations to our Newest “The Road to Financial Wellness” Graduates

The latest round of MC Federal’s “The Road to Financial Wellness” financial literacy course with the Milton Getting Ahead class commenced yesterday. Instruction was led by Elba Arenas, President and Chief Executive Officer, Brian Wiktor, Chief Lending Officer, and Annette Welch, Director of Operations.

Over the course of five weeks, participants focused on learning in six sections: Introduction to Banking, Comparing Rates, Budgeting, Credit vs Debit Cards, Understanding Your Credit Report, and Identity Theft and Fraud. The students gained valuable insight into the importance of maintaining a healthy banking relationship, shopping around for loans, and how to protect their personal and financial information. They also completed hands-on exercises to learn the practical skills of writing a check, using a checkbook register, and creating an effective budget.

After the final session, the class participated in a graduation ceremony. All participants received a framed certificate to commemorate their achievement. Congratulations to the newest graduates of The Road to Financial Wellness. MC Federal Credit Union is grateful to be a part of your financial wellness journey.

To learn more about our financial wellness course, “The Road to Financial Wellness” visit our Financial Wellness page.

GreenPath Financial Wellness

GreenPath Financial Wellness

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