Prewards is now fully functional on your M-C Debit Mastercard, once registered deals with automatically start accumulating! Prewards is a great way to automatically save money at the places you already shop, when you use your MCFCU Debit MasterCard. You can enjoy discounts at retailers you know and love. Merchants in the Prewards network link these digital incentives to your account for you to enjoy their restaurants, stores, or places of business. Savings are processed electronically so there is no more coupon clipping or redemption codes to remember, just cash in your account.

How to take advantage of Prewards:

  1. Register your card and set up a Prewards account for free.
  2. Click on first time user
  3. View your pre wards through email or text message updates
  4. Use your card and a confirmation message that a Preward was used will be sent to you
  5. Get cash back – You can view available savings and past savings on your Prewards account dashboard

It’s that simple. So sign-up today to begin saving money!
* Please note: Please allow 4-6 weeks for system to assign pre-ward based on your purchases.


 Watch Our Discovery Video Below:


See who participates in our Debit Card Saving program

Over a thousand Merchants (exclusive to M-C Federal Credit Union Debit Card Holders):

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