Online Financial Management

Managing Your Finances is Never Easy.

But with Online Financial Management Life is Simplified!

Whether you are an individual, family, business owner, or retiree, managing multiple accounts is a daunting task.

So, we made it easy for you…

  • no more monthly downloads to quicken, microsoft money, iBank…
  • no more logging into multiple website to track how your investment is doing in Morgan Stanley, or to look at your loan in another financial institution.
  • Everything can be consolidated and track to your budget and financial goal with one MCFCU account. This includes syncing with other financial management sites like

Current Month Status:  Current month status is calculated using your total income and expenses.

Can I Buy It?  Allows you to make an informed decision on a purchase based on budget and financial goal data.

Net Worth:  Calculation is based on the accounts being tracked with OFM. Account types are grouped under assets and liabilities to derive net worth.

How Am I Doing?  Provides message indicators and a progress indicator.  Indicators let you know if something requires immediate attention or it may reinforce things you are doing well.  You may also receive special alerts from your financial institution.