Bill Shrink


Bill Shrink:

We strive to look for new ways to help our members save money and lower their bills. Studies show that on cell phone bills alone, 8 out of 10 people are overpaying each month. New products like BillShrink provides rewards that average savings of $1000 per household annually.

Sample individual bill savings per year: • $350 = cell phone bill
• $450 = TV/cable service
• $200 = gasoline

• Plus hundreds in loyalty rewards at your favorite stores
We could all do a better job at saving money, whether it’s cutting down on expenses, or taking advantage of deals, discounts and coupons. The challenge is that we don’t have a lot of the time to review our bills and scout out the best deals. Sure there are plenty of discount sites, but there’s hesitation around giving account details and passwords.

How do I get it?

Bill Shrink comes free with your new M-C Federal Online banking. You can turn it off and on – it is totally optional to our member. Rewards are delivered that are most relevant to you when using your Debit MasterCard. You can also choose to use the Bill Analyzer to find money-saving recommendation.

Is my personal information at risk?

Absolutely not. StatementRewards is 100% secure, just like the rest of your online banking account. The transactional data used to personalize your rewards is anonymous, and moreover, all information contained within the StatementRewards platform is protected through layers of security and encryption measures to help ensure it is comprehensively protected. Your personal or financial information is totally private and secure.

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