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2016 Youth Savings Program:

Each time there is a deposit in a youth account they will receive up to a $2.00 strip for Knoebels. Steps to participate:

1. Member will make deposit of at least $2.00 into the Youth Account
2. Teller will have member fill out our Youth Deposit Entry Slip
3. Member will take deposit slip and put it in their appropriate age jar

At the end of the month each branch will combine their jars. The drawing will take place Monday, May 2.

Prizes for the Youth Savings Contest Drawing:
-Ages 8 and up- All day pass to Knoebels (includes coasters)
-Ages 7 and under- All day pass to Knoebels (does not include coasters)


Coloring Contest
There will be two coloring page contests for each branch according to age groups (2-5) and (6-10). Each branch will have one winner for each age group. Merck and Danville will be considered one, as well as St Mary and Evan. Each winner will receive a $20 coupon book to Knoebels.

Print your coloring page from home!


Open a youth account with M-C FCU and receive a free piggy bank and tickets to Knoebels.





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