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Wealth Management

Online Financial Management:


With our online financial management (OFM) feature, members are able to get a handle on their finances the free and fast way. The dashboard does all the work of organizing and categorizing your income and expenses. Benefits of online financial management allow you to track accounts and categorize transactions, assist in budgeting to build your net worth, monitor activity through alerts, manage investments, savings, or credit cards,  (whether it is Morgan Stanely, Chase, Discover, or any additional financial institutions) you can simplify your life with one login location.  Located on the dashboard are six key areas that provide overview of your financial performance:

Current Month Status:

  • To derive your monthly status, total expenses are deducted from your total income to see where you stand financially every month.

Can I Buy It?:

  • Under “Can I Buy It” our members are informed on decisions whether a purchase can be made without putting them into financial trouble. This decision is based on budget and financial goal data set specifically for each member.

Net Worth:

  • Our members net worth is important to us. We strive to build a strong financial foundation for each member. Calcualtion is based on the accounts being tracked with OFM. Account types are grouped under assets and liabilities to derive net worth.

How Am I Doing?:

  • Messages are provided to each member to keep them up-to-date on their financial progress. Indicators let you know if something requires immediate attention or it may reinforce actions you are doing right to build a strong foundation. You may also receive special alerts from your financial institution on your current progress.

Help Me Get To 100%:

  • To get the most accurate financial management, your goal to to get your dashboard to 100% to ensure maximum  usage of managing your financials.

Financial Goals:

  • Allow you to add, view or adjust goals at any time without going through the budget page.
  • A financial goal is a monetary amount you want to achieve by a certian date, such as saving money for vacation, college, or retirement.
  • There are two financial goal types: retirement or other (non-retirement). Each goal can consist of multiple asset accounts that are tracked to show your progress towards meeting your goal.


Gas Prices Got You Worried!

-  Learn Ways to save on Fuel, Fuel Saving Calculator, Compare Vehicle Fuel Economy from the Official U.S. government source for fuel economy information.
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Fuel Saving Calculator

Improved Fuel Economy saves you money every time you fill up!

- A vehicle that gets 30 MPG will cost you $968 less to fuel each year than one that gets 20 MPG (assuming 15,000 miles of driving annually and a fuel cost of $3.87).  A vehicle that gets 50 MPG will cost you $1,800 less to fuel each year. Depends on the model and make the fuel saving calculator help you to determine the saving you will get moving into a more fuel efficient vehicle.







Loan Calculator

- Estimate Your monthly payment to aid you through the decision.
* Disclaimer: Payment calculator is designed to be an informational and educational tool only, and when used alone, does not constitute financial advice.   We advice you to consult a loan officer at your nearest branch.  We are not responsible for the consequences of any decisions or actions taken in reliance upon or as a result of the information provided by this calculator.






























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