Business Solutions

Solutions to help your business grow

Merchant Services/Point of Sale

We give our business members the ability to expand their sales opportunities by accepting credit/debit card transactions over the counter or online. Whether you are running a business out of your own home or farm with relatively few transactions or are a large business with many terminals, we can assist you. If you already accept credit/debit cards, let us do a free analysis of your current activity to see how we can save you more money.

Direct Deposit

Using Members Choice to facilitate direct deposits for your business is a great way to cut costs related to printing, signing, and storing checks. Direct deposits save your business its two most valuable resources: time and money. Moreover, it’s easy to set up direct deposits, so there is no reason not to!

Online Financial Management

Our Online Financial Management solution gives you the convenience of managing your accounts from your computer or mobile device. No more software downloads, you can track your expenses versus budget and monitor your assets and debt online. Plus, save on postage by paying your bills online through our bill pay service.