Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is a great service for travellers and college students. Whether you’re in Alaska, Florida, or on a cruise in the Caribbean, you have easy access to all of your financial accounts. College students who want to cash a check, will find Remote Deposit Capture particularly useful. Instead of setting up an account at another instituion you can use your cell phone to cash checks. In addition, you can use your smartphone to pay bills while away. Just use the part of the mobile app designated for paying bills and transfer money to pay those expenses. And mobile banking is 24/7 so if you are in another country, or a different time zone, you can still use mobile banking just the same as during bank hours.

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In the past 60 years

We have stood by our values and built upon them. Now we are focusing on the next 60 years and what this credit union can bring to our members and community. We want YOU our member owner to be informed about what does the dual charter change means to you. Please see a video message from

President & CEO Jim Barbarich on Our Plan for the next 60 years